Bookings & Cancellations Policy

Bookings & Cancellations

* As most of our treatments require time to prepare and your therapist is booked out for your timeslot only, please give us a 24-hour notice should you wish to cancel or reschedule.

* Spa and Laser bookings: 50% deposit is required to secure your booking. For bookings not confirmed with a payment 24 hours before the start of the treatment, we reserve the right to cancel the booking without prior notice.

*Medical Aesthetics bookings: R400 deposit is required to secure your booking. We use this amount against the value of any treatment if you decide to proceed with medical aesthetics. For bookings not confirmed with a payment 24 hours before the start of the treatment, we reserve the right to cancel the booking without prior notice.

* Late cancellations (within 24 hours) or no-show will forfeit the deposit.

* Please note to arrive 15min earlier to your booking time to ensure full treatment duration. Late arrivals will impact the treatment duration, however we will try our best to ensure the quality of the treatment is not compromised

*Upon booking with us, we will send you an invoice with out banking details. Please forward Proof of Payment to [email protected]

Treatment Preparation

*Laser Hair Removal: Please ensure to shave the laser area prior to your appointment, unless advised otherwise by your therapist. Additional charges will be levied should you fail to comply. This includes R50 per area shaved (excluding back, arms and legs). For arms/leg/back shaving, the charge will be R150).

* Chemical Peels: Please ensure to use a broad-spectrum sun protection every day and keep your skin well moisturized prior to the treatment. If you’re unsure of your skin conditions, please allow an extra 15min to your booking for a skin analysis, our therapists will recommend the most suitable treatment program for you. Please stop using any products containing retinol at least 3 days prior to your treatment.

* Lash Extensions: Please arrive with no eye make-up and cleaned lashes. Make-up removal will be charged and extension time will be reduced. For fills, please ensure to clean your lashes with the lash extension cleanser prior to your appointment. Please note that we cannot fill on top of other technician’s work.

* Medical Aesthetics including Botox, Fillers, Threads and Plasma Fibroblast: Please arrive with no make-up around your brows. Please do not assume alcohol from the previous day and no tea or coffee at least 2 hours prior to the treatment.

*IV Therapy: Please ensure that you drink adequate from 24-48 prior to your treatment. IF you require further guidance, please contact us prior to your appointment so that we can advise.

* Nails: Please note the duration of the treatments is only an estimate and can vary depending on your nail conditions. For gel removals in additional to your nail treatment, please contact us or book online for a gel removal appointment.


You may park in any allocated Kia Ora Aesthetics bays, Any Visitor bays or shaded visitor bays.

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